southpark lecturers

so i had a little too much time on my hands, and looked on the electronics department group where i discovered that someone has made some rather hilarious south park characters out of our lecturers.

tuesday afternoon

I think I’ve just experienced one of the most.. um.. entertaining afternoon exams in all my life. (apart from when the fire alarm went off during my physics A-level, that was quite funny..) So anyway they didn’t have a seat number for several digital and comms students, for me, a slight annoyance.  Apparantly, the unexpected […]

Jonathan Dell

I think its time to rethink our long standing objections to Jonathan Dell*. He set a very nice video systems paper which I actually enjoyed writing about (I hope my marks reflect this). Hence when I bumped in to him in sainsburys it took every ounce** of my strength not to hug him.
*pending digital […]

be careful what you post…

its about time i had a random ramble

david: would be fun. you should do it.
I’m in the middle of possibly the least productive week since the advent of my degree. I’ve done nothing at all. Except print out the digital notes and file them. So basically if anyone is up for some kind of regular revision at a predetermined location, that […]

New year blues

Well hello there! It seems that the last three weeks have passed me by in some sort of daze and now I have the same amount of work to do. I have a feeling I probably should be doing some right now, which I guess is why I’m writing this.
To do:

write up lab scripts from […]

Data structures

I’m proud of you all for thinking about life so electronically, however I myself have gone down the mince pie approach to the data structures coursework. Every time I consider starting, I simply eat a mince pie. Works wonders! On a more serious note, the pages of Standish are slowly being turned, although I’m doing […]

another thursday

What with it being the end of term, I am musing a few end of term type thoughts…

I now should know everything about Fourier and Laplace transforms. Thats a shame
I’m sure someone said ‘analogue’ at some point
Labs are still a waste of time
Me writing my name on my exam paper carries more weight than the […]


hmm, a blog eh…one of these days i’ll think of something to post. For now, the results of R Kelly’s lyric writing masterclass should be enjoyed by y’all, heres one of the more exciting quotes. Not only is there a man in his cabinet, but the man… is a MIDGET! To be honest, watch […]